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    Please view this video animation to learn more about our orphan drug development candidate RhoNovaTM for the treatment of rhodopsin linked autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (Rho-adRP).

    Please view this video animation to learn more about the inherited retinal degenerative condition rhodopsin linked autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (Rho-adRP) and the progress of our gene therapy drug development candidate RhoNovaTM.

    Dominant inheritance means that on average 50% of the children of an affected person will be affected by the disorder. Another common feature of these disorders is that the causative genes are often characterised by mutational heterogeneity.

    Therefore typically a large number of individual mutations in a single gene can lead to a particular disorder. For example any one of approximately 200 different mutations in the rhodopsin gene (RHO) can lead to adRP. Developing individual therapies for so many RHO mutations is practically impossible.

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        • Genable Technologies now known as Spark Therapeutics Ireland Ltd;

          Following the acquisition of Genable Technologies Ltd; by Spark Therapeutics Inc; the company name has been changed to Spark Therapeutics Ireland Ltd;  The company remains as an Irish registered company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Spark Therapeutics Inc; If anyone has any queries please contact Siobhan Gaynor, Program Management Lead at,  Siobhan is based in the Irish office at The Trinity […]

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      Genable was acquired by Spark Technologies Inc; on March 7th 2016, for further information please visit  This transaction sees Genable become fully owned by Spark Therapeutics, a world leader in gene therapy development. RhoNova it’s product, which was acquired was based on the pioneering work of Professor Jane Farrar, Dr Paul Kenna & Professor Peter Humphries at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland